Open Spatial Lab co-builds free and open source tools that make geospatial data science more accessible and affordable. Through reducing barriers to entry for data analysis and visualization, more people can use data to use data to understand the challenges and opportunities in their communities. Through reducing long-term costs and making updates easier, data tools and infrastructure can exist for longer and be more responsive to changing data needs.

We works closely with social impact organizations, such as non-profits, community groups, and government agencies, to understand data needs and to develop low-code and no-code tools that can help them achieve their goals. Our programs emphasize ownership of tools and infrastructure so that organizations can continue to use and update these tools effectively after the initial development phase. By making geospatial data science more accessible and affordable, we work to broaden the perspectives that can analyze and communicate data in its many forms.

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Support for the Open Spatial Lab is provided in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation